Hill Navigation

An understanding of Ordnance Survey Maps and Basic Navigation/Route Planning are key skills to successfully finding your way around hills and mountains

We will teach what you need to know about using Ordnance Survey maps and the basics of sound navigation: permitted areas, pacing, timing, route planning and relocation together with the use of 

the baseplate compass, using handrail and linear features we will navigate our way through picturesque settings always knowing where we are and taking it in turns to lead through each navigational leg. As the day progresses we will introduce and try out some intermediate concepts

You will end your mountain day day with a new found confidence in self navigation

Map and compass provided for the day

You will need to bring: full outdoor kit with waterproofs, boots, rucksack, water, food and warm drink

Fantastic value at £50

Minimum booking 4 people

Odyssey Adventure

visitors since Feb 2017