A wetsuit should be a tight fitting garment which should be gently squeezing you all over. When you enter the water a very thin layer of water will squeeze between the wetsuit and your skin.


If the wetsuit is baggy then a whole lot of water will flood in to fill the gaps between the wetsuit and your body and will feel cold so best go for the tighter fit !!!

You will need to bring a synthetic teeshirt (eg football top) to wear under the suit and some swimming trunks

we will provide wetsocks, please bring some thin socks to wear underneath

You should have some sturdy shorts to wear over the wetsuit to protect the fabric, please make sure they have a good tie cord or belt

You will be provided with grip gloves

Trail shoes or trainers with laces or fastenings usually work best, surfing slippers and boots are NOT suitable and definitely NO CROCS !

Any questions - please ask !!!

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